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Climbing the Rock Wall

In her 40 years of working in a public school district, author Barbara D. Katz-Brown discloses problems she faced with career advancement and day to day teaching while trying to make a difference in the lives of her students.  On this note, she believes that Climbing the Rock Wall - Surviving a Career in Public School Education is a must read for beginning public school teachers, those who want to advance in the public education field, or anyone interested in what occurs behind the brick  and mortar walls of public schools in this country.

Katz-Brown’s work is also a call to urge the country to change practices of hiring or retaining teachers and administrators, and also drastically change the curriculum to meet the skill demands of the workplace and increase high school graduation rates.

Written based on her unreconstructed experiences, Katz-Brown intends to reach out to every new person considering public education as a career or someone entrenched within a public school system who feels like no one is listening to their concerns. She wants readers and both audiences to know the basics of surviving in the mentioned field.